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Sales San Antonio, LLC | San Antonio, TX

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Attend the 2-Day Sales Boot Camp

Get the performance boost you need to set yourself up for a strong 2019 finish! 

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Our Boot Camps typically SELL OUT -- Fill out the form to find out more about the next Sales Boot Camp scheduled for October 10 & 11, 2019.

Do you want increased sales and a high-quality pipeline? Learn how by attending the dynamic and interactive 2 Day Sales Boot Camp.  

Additional Boot Camp Dates:
December 5 & 6, 2019

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Which one of these sales related area's are you struggling with:

  • Frustrated because you have no systematic approach to business prospecting.

  • Need to have a larger pipeline of qualified opportunities. 

  • "Think-it-over's" have become an all too common response.

  • Stress is your constant companion because you compete on price to close sales.  

  • Selling is something that makes you uncomfortable or uneasy.

Our Systematic Selling Approach Will Help You to:

  • Stop "think-it-overs" by taking charge of the selling process.

  • Use advanced questioning techniques to discover hidden buying motives.

  • Develop a systematic approach to selling that can be used in ANY industry.

  • Increase your pipeline with real opportunities.  

  • Grow your sales! 

Linda Ratner, RN, MBA, CMPE

Entrepreneur - Professional EOS Implementer - Stakeholder Centered Coach

"I attended the 2-day boot camp training in September 2018 and came away with great insights into the sales process. As founder and former CEO of Impact Urgent Care, I had a group of talented individuals who did nearly all of the marketing for us and had relatively little experience with selling our services to others. Now I find myself in a new role as a business consultant at Ratner Consulting and struggling with the process of "selling" my services to others. It was a very uncomfortable situation for me that I knew I had to overcome if I was going to be successful. Thankfully, I attended a Sandler Training boot camp with Angel Salinas and came away with confidence and a new perspective on the whole sales process. Angel taught me how to use some very helpful tools to convey the services I offer to others and to do it with confidence. Not only have I increased my level of skill and confidence but I know I can pick up the phone and call Angel with any questions that arise. He is accessible and committed to my success! Thank you, Angel and Sandler Training San Antonio!"